CH Postcode Area

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There are 24540 postcodes inside the postcode area CH. Of this, there are 24 districts. Please find a summary of the 24 Postcode districts of the CH area below

CH1 Chester
CH2 Upton
CH3 Waverton
CH4 Saltney
CH41 Birkenhead
CH42 Birkenhead
CH43 Birkenhead
CH44 Wallasey
CH45 Wallasey
CH46 Birkenhead
CH47 Hoylake
CH48 Hoylake
CH49 Birkenhead
CH5 Shotton
CH6 Flint
CH60 Heswall
CH61 Heswall
CH62 Birkenhead
CH63 Birkenhead
CH64 Ellesmere Port
CH65 Ellesmere Port
CH66 Ellesmere Port
CH7 Mold
CH8 Holywell

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