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A page to list all News and Updates to the UK Postcode site. Items are listed newest first

22/06/2020 : Data Updated

Postcode data has been updated for May 2020

18/05/2020 : Search Improved

The Postcode Search Page will now also find postcodes if you leave a space out of your search query.

05/05/2020 : Search Improvements

The search page has had some updates and improvements

16/02/2019 : Add Listing

You now have the ability to add a listing to a postcode. This lets you submit a business, organisation or venue to a postcode page.

24/11/2016 : Random London Postcode

Find a list of random London postcodes using the page Random London Postcodes.

17/10/2016 : Updates to Data

UK Postcode data has been updated significantly

05/05/2016 : Validate a UK Postcode

Validate a UK postcode against a list of known existing postcodes. Visit the Validate A UK postcode page.

04/04/2016 : Postcode Data Updates

An update has been made to the postcode data to keep it up-to-date

03/02/2016 : More Settings for Random Postcodes

Random Postcodes now lets you choose the number of random postcodes displayed and if you want it in plain text.

17/12/2015 : Population Data Added

Population data from the 2011 census has been added to many GB postcodes. The most populous postcode is NR4 7TJ.

17/12/2015 : Copy Latitude Longitude to Clipbaord

New button added to copy the Latitude and Longitude of the postcode to your clipboard (if your browser supports it)

17/12/2015 : Date Postcode Introduced Displayed

The date a postcode was introduced is now displayed for each postcode unit. Also the date terminated if the postcode is no longer active.

16/12/2015 : Eastings and Northings

Eastings and Northings are now displayed for each postcode unit

15/12/2015 : Latitude Longitude Now Displayed

Latitude and longitude are now displayed for each postcode unit

01/12/2015 : List Random Postcodes

A new page that lists a random list of postcodes.

29/10/2015 : Postcode Breadcrumb

The full postcode page now has a breadcrumb breakdown of the postcode at the top of the page.

29/10/2015 : Find Current Location Postcode

You can now use Find Current Location Postcode to ind the estimated postcode from your current location.

12/10/2015 : New Search Option

The search page now returns postcode district results as well as postcodes

08/10/2015 : Download KML of Sector

New option to download a KML file of all postcodes inside a sector. This can then be opened in Google Earth.

08/10/2015 : Page updates

Updates to the layout of the postcode page

07/10/2015 : News and Updates

Added news and updates page and summary on right hand column

06/10/2015 : Data Added

Data Added to UK Postcode

05/10/2015 : Beginning

UK Postcode comes to life!