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Map of EH14 4BE

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Information about EH14 4BE

Estimated Address : Gowanhill Farm Rd, Currie EH14 4AE, UK

Town : Currie

Country : Scotland

Date Introduced : April 2017

Estimated Elevation : 114.1 m

Latitude, Longitude : 55.9135, -3.3343

Easting : 316694

Northing : 0669735

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EH14 4BE postcode breakdown

EH14 4BE is in the postcode sector EH14 4

EH14 4BE is in the postcode district EH14

EH14 4BE is in the postcode area EH

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EH14 4BE Now updated


The Jack Copland Centre (EH14 4BE) is located within the Heriot Watt Research park. The map shows the location as Gowanhill which is to the southwest of the actual position! The address and postcode details are correct however the position on the map is incorrect. The correct map position is shown if you search Google for the 'Jack Copland Centre'

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